Cheap Traveling Ideas for Asia

Traveling in Asia requires a detailed plan and good budget planning skills. The budget isn’t because it’s expensive, in fact it’s due to the fact that everything is cheap. It’s very easy to lose your idea on your budget and spend too much. A lot of travelers find themselves strapped for cash after living for a few days or weeks like millionaires. Without a detailed plan, traveling also becomes difficult and at times, dangerous. If you’re planning to go on a trip, here are a couple of tips to make it a memorable experience in a good way.

Research Ahead

As we mentioned, a detailed plan is important for your trip. You need to make a route and also note the means to get there. You won’t be easily duped into paying more than the transportation’s real value and you’ll also know if it really is the best way going there.

Knowing about transportation and living conditions will also give you a good idea beforehand. You won’t be surprised if there are mosquitoes, the temperature during the day or night, and also the costs. Preparation is key for cheaply traveling in Asia. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean that you can just hop on a plane and start blowing off all your money there.

Travel Around

The culture and sights in Asia are very diverse. Each country is unique and has a lot to offer. It makes sense therefore to travel from your base country to neighboring countries. Traveling is cheap, safe and enjoyable if you choose the correct route. Some places and country require special transportation arrangements so you should prepare for this. You might even have to transfer multiple times just to get there but it’s not that expensive, so you don’t have to worry too much.

When you travel to multiple countries, be conscious about the cost. Each country has very different prices and you can be caught unaware if you don’t know beforehand. One country might be cheap in terms of accommodation, while another country could double or triple that same amount. It’s still cheaper compared to Europe or other countries, but remember that you have a budget to stick to.

Make a Budget

We stressed before that since the place is inexpensive, it can be easy to spend frivolously. To avoid this scenario, you can create a budget for your travels. This is assuming that you’ve already done your research about the countries that you would want to visit. Knowing the prices, you can then make a travel budget that includes your allowance for a single day, your transportation costs (including air fare), and other miscellaneous expenses like food or souvenirs. Keep in mind that once you decide on a budget, you should stick to it as well.

Mix Credit and Cash

When traveling abroad, it’s always a good idea to use credit cards. This eliminates the need for you to bring large amounts of cash with you and makes transactions easy. If you’re using a credit card that doesn’t charge extra for international transactions, it could even be cheaper.

On the other hand, it’s a well-known fact that a lot of Asian countries doesn’t accept credit card. It’s actually a matter of “can’t” rather than “doesn’t”. Some business establishments don’t have the equipment, and there have been reported cases of “cloning” credit cards. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to bring cash with you. Not much, but just enough for miscellaneous expenses. Expenses like food or transportation. You can’t expect to ride a taxi in the middle of the night with only a credit card in your pocket.

Choose Where You Eat and Drink

The food in Asia is really good and not that expensive. The reason why many travelers spend too much money on food is because they eat Western food or only in expensive restaurants. This actually ruins the reason why you traveled there in the first place. If you’re worried about sanitation, a lot of restaurants that serve local food have affordable prices and are clean. Some street foods even serve delicious, cheap foods that are relatively clean. Street foods are also cooked in front of you so you know how it’s handled and the quality of the ingredients used.

For alcohol, it’s also a good idea to go local. Local beer costs very cheap and still deliver the same results. There are even many promotions when you buy a beer set, you can get a side dish or snack platter for free. That’s good value for your money, not to mention drinking along the streets or a local pub gives you a good view of the entire place.

Enjoy Activities

A lot of activities in Asia is very cheap or reasonably priced. For example, you can get a scuba diving license for a very low price in many Southeast Asian countries. You can also take advantage of the natural location. You can take island hopping tours, cruises, tours, or simply stay at the beach. In addition, these tours are also very common and inexpensive. If you book in advance, you can even get good discounts for this.

Be Smart in Booking Travel Arrangements

Regarding plane ticket, it is of course cheaper to book a round-trip flight instead of two one-way tickets. However if you book in advance, you can save a lot because of early bird discounts. This is an incentive given to people who book early, so that airlines will be assured of passengers way before the flight date. In short, book early and you save more.

Also, you can book for flights to common travel destinations like Bangkok or Singapore. A lot of airlines stop by the airports here so schedules are frequent while prices are low. From there you can choose to travel by land over to neighboring countries until you get to your destination. Keep in mind that land travel can be inexpensive in many Asian countries and they can provide you with good views as well.

Buy a Fixed Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one of the necessary evils for traveling. It’s always not certain if you need it or not, so it’s much better to have it. There are a lot of insurance companies that offer competitive price for you, with a similar range in benefits. For more savings, you can buy travel insurance for a fixed set of months or weeks. If you know how long you’ll be traveling you won’t need to extend insurance every month. Extending will cost a lot and can quickly sap your budget.

A lot of the cheap traveling ideas for Asia rely on one thing: your preparedness. If you plan your trip diligently, not only will it be safe, but you can also enjoy and save more. The culture and sights in Asia are very varied and they provide a lot of insight for travelers young and old, veteran and amateur. This makes it a highly-recommended travel destination for everyone.

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