How to Avoid Unnecessary Spending

Saving has never been a forte for many people, but the crisis made them appreciate the skills other people have. Therefore, take a look at the compiled general guidelines for plugging those holes in your already tight budget.

Plug Any Hole You Can

Save on Clothes

This is where families get hit the hardest, where cheapest clothes are not worth it and you can only windowshop while looking. Go for clothes swap with your friends, encourage your daughter to do the same, just remember to keep it fun, and not something to be ashamed for. If you are buying, go for the good quality shoes unlike the poorly made Chinese kinds, and avoid the brands. Despite being famous for quality it is just money wasted in any run. Also why not learn some clothes making skills yourself? Though investing in a sweing maching might be costly perhaps you would see that you are quite OK with that and can sew for the others as a supplement to your budget? Think of the materials you could use for the clothes and make it work like magic. If any of your family members belongs to the old DIY school why not ask them for advice? If not clothes perhaps you could learn yet another skill?

Carpool Weekends

You need to stay back but the kids want to go somewhere and you do not want to disappoint them? Ask your friend to carpool them to a place if they are on their way there. Swap the service for the time when you can be free to pay back the favour.

Carpool Shopping

Everyone’s saving each penny, so why not make it like twice a month at least and save on gas when shopping? Once car would suffice to accommodate most of the shopping you would carry as long as you live close by, and not at totally different points across the town.

Learn to Cook

Perhaps not as fast as the staple dishes you would normally provide for your offspring, teach them therefore to bring you any Internet easy recipes they find appealing and learn together. Careful with too much electricity though, find those recipes which provide tasty, healthy and unique snacks for the whole family to enjoy! Engaging the members is yet another fun way to make your kids help you.

Hold a Garage Sale

Or better yet, see if you can re-use the old stuff in any manner so that it fits the house and your pocket more. If it is curtains why not learn the crafts or employ your family members if they can spare some time. Build a thing or together and have fun while doing so. That way you won’t be only thinking about the practical side of the project.