How to do Different Kinds of Pushups

You want to go back to basics with your workouts. In order to do that, you need to take a look at the simple and yet effective workouts that you can do even within the comfort of your very own home. That is not to say that doing more complicated exercises and using bulky and complex equipment is not going to work, it is just that you want to make things a little simpler.

Since you desire to go back to basics, you want to put a lot of focus on doing pushups. Yes, pushups are among the most basic and simple exercises. It is also one of the most effective. It helps out in developing and building up your chest, shoulders, and triceps, among other muscle groups.

You are going to gain considerable benefit from doing pushups and this is attested to by fitness experts and workout buffs the world over. But in order for you to get the most out of it, you have to be able to do its many different variations. There are indeed
several variations of this workout and it might surprise some, but if you could do most of it ,then you are on your way to become more fit and strong.

Listed and described below are several of the different variations of pushups. It offers varying degrees of difficulty, ranging from the simpler and easier ones to the more difficult and challenging. You could try some or even all of these forms of pushups for you to get the maximum amount that could be derived from it.

Standard Pushups

Standard pushups are most probably the kind of pushups that most people think about whenever they hear about this particular type of workout. If you are just starting out with this exercise then you could begin by performing standard pushups. Here is how to do it: start with a lying position on the floor, where your hands are right beside your shoulders and you have your palms resting against the flooring or whatever you might be using for cushion. Use your toes to anchor the lower part of your body to the floor. Start the workout by pushing your body away from ground while your hands are pressed against the floor and you are extending your arms. After your arms have achieved full extension, gradually lower your body back to its starting position. Push back up to repeat the motion once your chest reaches about two inches from the floor.

Wide-Grip Pushups

Wide-grip pushups are the harder and a little more complicated variety of this workout. It is more difficult to do because your hands and arms are farther apart – giving you less leverage and requiring more effort. There’s no doubt that the wide-grip pushup is a very good type of pushup, one that provides great benefits to those who perform it. For best results, start out with a wide stance and as you go on with the workout, you are going to make it more of a standard pushup. Additional tips for best results would be to make sure to maintain your hands under the plane of shoulders and to keep your elbows tucked in as much as possible. Doing this particular workout will ensure that your shoulders, chest, and triceps are thoroughly worked out.

Diamond Pushups

Diamond pushups might look a little different to some, although it is not really that much of a departure from the standard variety. This particular type of pushup actually targets the triceps and builds it up. It is actually the best kind of pushup to work out your triceps. To do it, put your hands directly beneath your chest area and allow your index fingers and thumbs to touch one another in order to form a shape that’s similar to a diamond. Do this if you feel that your triceps need more work and you want to strengthen it some more. However, do note that the diamond pushup exerts a lot of pressure on the elbows, shoulders, and the wrists. Still, plenty of people do it because they know the benefits to their triceps are quite considerable.

Modified Pushups

Another popular variation of pushups is the modified variety. It is utilized by those who do not want to engage in a very difficult exercise or would like to start doing the workout but want something that’s relatively easy. People who are not as strong as others could also do the modified pushup to work out their chest, arms, and shoulder muscles. To do it, get down on your knees on the floor while your upper body is in the same position as when you are performing a standard pushup. Just make sure that your back remains flat and hips are kept in while you are performing the exercise.

Knuckle Pushups

Knuckle pushups is a variation that might seem difficult to some, but it is actually going to be beneficial for your wrist in the long run. Those who have some problems regarding their wrists might want to do knuckle pushups since the wrists are considered to be in a neutral position while you are doing this variation of pushup. To do this, you need to take a similar position as that of a standard pushup. The difference is that you need to make a closed fist and then put your hands on the floor as the knuckles face downward.

Staggered Pushups

Staggered pushups would look like something that’s difficult to do, particularly for those who are going to see it for the very first time. And it is definitely more difficult and presents more challenges for the one performing it. Start by placing your body in a position that’s similar to a standard pushup, with a difference in the placement of the hands. If you are going to do this, place one hand about six inches higher than the other. With your hands in this kind of position, the hand that is placed lower needs to work more than the other hand. There is more pressure on the hand that is placed in a lower position. You can definitely feel the effect that this variation of pushup has on your chest and shoulders.

One Arm Pushups

Doing one arm pushups is certainly a difficult variation to do and it is not recommended for those who are working out or doing pushups for the first time. In fact, it is considered to be one of the hardest pushup variations to perform. Just the fact that you can only use one arm instead of two and that single arm needs to do the work that’s usually done by two and not to mention the pressure that it needs to withstand. There is also a challenge in the fact that the body needs to be balanced and stabilized a lot more in this variety of pushup.

Incline Pushups

Incline pushups are specifically meant to develop and help build up the shoulders. You could choose to do this about a couple of feet above the floor and as you lower the incline, the harder it is to do the pushup. However, the incline pushup is generally considered to be easier to perform than the standard pushup.

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