How to Improve Your Sexual Health

The common misconception is that sex is just a pleasurable activity that doesn’t need to be enjoyed by both partners. Even if it’s just a 5 minute activity, both partners still need to enjoy it and reap the benefits after. Aside from the emotional connection, there are a lot of physical health benefits that both men and women can get from it. Follow these simple steps on how to improve your sexual health and you might just rock your partner’s world – in bed.

Food and Sex

It might be awkward to admit, but you want sex and food. It’s not that bad after all, as studies have shown that you also need the two and that these two activities are closely related. For instance, having a boring sexual performance (or lesser libido) is attributed to not eating enough. There are even specific foods that boost your sexual confidence.

In addition, a good mix of vitamins and minerals will help your endocrine system functioning properly. Your endocrine system is pretty much responsible for the hormones linked to your sexual performance and libido. Here is a short list of foods that are proven to boost the sexiness in you.

  • Celery might not seem like a very sexy vegetable, but under its crunchy exterior it contains adrostenol and androsterone, which give us that boost in confidence. Celery also contains some male hormones which help women get aroused.
  • Lobster is definitely on the menu for a romantic (and expensive) dinner, but it can help you and your partner in bed after. With its buttery serving, a lot of people think that it counts high on the fat meter. However lobster isn’t full of fat, it also contains lean protein, selenium, zinc and copper. For the sexual health benefits, research has linked zinc with a healthy libido. Lobster also contains phosphorous which increases the sex drive of both man and woman. We’re not done yet – it also has essential fatty acids which increase the sensation in the area under your pants.
  • Dark chocolate is always associated with tasting and feeling good as you eat it. It sounds romantic, but it also helps boost your endorphins. These are the chemicals released in your brain as you feel that warm fuzzy feeling similar to the sensation of falling in love. You share (or lick off) some of these dark chocolate before you jump in bed to make your night more interesting.
  • Blueberries help with your body’s circulation. If blood flow is impeded, then orgasm and even arousal takes quite a while. In addition, blueberries carry dopamine in them. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for stimulating the pleasure centers in your brain – enough said.

Exercise Regularly

We touched a bit about the importance of blood flow for your body in bed, and better way to increase it is regular physical fitness. With the increased blood flow to the genital area, it can make sex more pleasurable. In turn, this can increase the desire itself. IF it feels great, you (and your partner) will want to do it more.

Exercise also boosts endorphins, which lift your mood and increase your energy. Lastly, being well-toned can make you feel sexier.

Stress Management

If you or your partner (or both of you) are stressed, then it can lead to a lousy sex life. Simple methods like going on a weekend getaway, or simply talking about it can relieve stress and allows you to focus more on pleasurable things.

Practice Makes Perfect

There are a lot of benefits of sex, aside from feeling good. For men, this is good news. There are a lot of studies that show men losing inches off their erection simply because they didn’t gratify themselves or have enough sex. Remember that the penis is a big muscle so it will atrophy if you don’t use it. As with all things, moderation is the key. Having an adequate outlet (whether it’s sex or masturbation) is good for your penis.

Flex Your (Sex) Muscle

If you’re worried about your clock time in bed, then there is still hope for you. There is a sex muscle (the bulbocavernosus) that you can train to make your ejaculations last longer. When this muscle contracts, nerves sends signals to your spinal cord to suppress arousal and keep you going longer.

This muscle is located behind your scrotum. What you can do is to place your fingers behind your scrotum to find it, and then practice flexing the muscle. If you feel your stomach contracting instead, then you’re squeezing the wrong muscle. When you’ve already become well acquainted with it, what you can do is to being masturbating while your abs is relaxed. If you’re about to climax, flex your bulbocavernosus. Once you get the hang of it, you can do it during sex. Of course, it won’t bring you from 2 minutes to 20 minutes in one go, but you can add 5 to 7 minutes to your record time.

Lift with the Underdog

For men, they release more testosterone when they’re winning (or if they think anyway). So next time you hit the gym, pair up with a scrawny friend. Seeing your friend’s scrawny biceps will motivate you more than seeing another guy’s anaconda arms coiled around a barbell. It could also prove to be a motivation for you, since it’s very embarrassing to be surpassed by someone who’s smaller than you as compared to working out with someone who’s already bigger than you.

Change Stimulation Strategies

When people (men and women) get old, their stimulation methods will change. This freaks out a lot of people because if they can’t get an erection or get stimulated by their tried and tested methods, they immediately think that it’s the end of their sexual road. Actually, what was previously easily stimulated by fantasy will now have to be replaced with direct manipulation or other similar strategies. It’s not true that people will lose their ability to get stimulated at one point in their life – it simply changes.

Talk about It

Sex doesn’t have to be limited to the bedroom. In terms of conversation, you can discuss about what turns you both off and on in the bedroom. Conversations like this should use suggestions instead of criticisms. Even if the issue concerns only your partner, you should approach it as a problem to be solved together rather than an exercise in assigning blame.

If there are body changes like hot flashes that keep you up at night or if menopause has made your vagina dry, then it’s very important to talk about these things with your partner. It’s much better to know about these changes beforehand rather than misinterpret these changes as a lack of interest.

Instead of thinking about sex as a hormone-driven activity that should be addressed and then forgotten, you can use the aforementioned tips on how to improve your sexual health to make it more interesting and fulfilling for both you and your partner. Not only will it help your relationship, it can also help the both of you physically.

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