How to Survive a Stormy Holiday

A holiday could be ruined in many ways and probably you have experienced it first hand many a time so far. What did you do to keep sweet memories of the time? How did you handle bored kids and lack of entertainment?

Choose Wisely

Although nothing in life can be virtually guaranteed, rain is among those things that are simple kill-joys in the eyes of people that need to rest. If you are one of them simply choose destination that guarantee pleasure and the sun and always stick to the plan. Should you choose a hot destination often hit by storms like Cuba, then think twice before you click to sign up for the cheapest and most memorable summer ever, with plenty of hurricanes to admire for days from your hotel window. If no entertainment is provided on-site, you better huddle your Kindle reader tightly. The swimming pool might also do, but imagine those hundreds of holidaymakers inside it on a daily basis, plus it would have to be indoors for safety reasons. Apart from that, you would check on the TV reports continually and keep your head away from peering out, forget about a splash or two in the stormy seas. You are like a bed-ridden patient on a cheapo holiday of your choosing. It could be hard to leg the place if the flights are too expensive for you to handle and the road transport might be not as easily available as you would hope it to be. The best word of advice would be always to check the weather beforehand, and the periods for the rain torrents, mudslides and other safety concerns, before you venture into those risky areas. The locals may be used to tourist hysteria, but no one prodded them to join.

Then again, the tsunami, such as the one in Japan could be simply an avoidable scenario, which is why you should prick your ears if anything disconcerting arrives and react immediately in whatever circumstances you could be. Leave the bags, and just evacuate yourself with a family or whoever it is you are holidaying with and head for some safer areas. That obviously is a possible scenario only if you have enough time to spare, some extra money, too. In the end any extra money you might take with you when foraying into the unknown is the best strategy as this would help you keep you head calm. Not everyone can afford it though, so at least buy a more pricey type of policy that covers some of the more harder to control areas or just those that are far away from home. Have the contact to your embassy in your telephone and reach them in case of an emergency, as long as you are not standing outside the hotel ruins. Keep the number in your memory though, and always carry some change with you in places where the telephone boxes are not a rarity. Make sure the place you choose is not too far away from any facilities such as hospitals, or that the hotel has a doctor on-site to help. That might be a bit of a stretch admittedly, but once bitten, once dead, to paraphrase the saying, might help you save your head.

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