Improve Your Stamina and Endurance

You want to be strong and healthy and that means that you want to have a completely new lifestyle. It is a considerable departure from your past lifestyle that was quite far from being healthy and especially from being ideal. Achieving a new level of strength and fitness is not going to be that easy but you are willing to take on the challenge.

The challenge of getting to that new level of health and fitness is significant and that’s just what you want. After all the time that you have spent in the past with being unhealthy and indulging yourself in things that did nothing for your fitness, you are ready for change.

You are particularly interested in building up and improving your stamina and endurance. The reason you have made that decision is because you believe that you could do more things as far as your fitness is concerned, once you have built up your stamina in particular.

The key towards becoming successful in having improved endurance and stamina is in doing it the right way. You therefore have to know the things that you need to do in order to achieve that. A little research is necessary, but that is definitely needed for you to be successful in what you want to get.

What follows are some of the techniques that you could utilize to make sure that your stamina and endurance is enhanced to the levels that you desire:

Combination Workouts are Effective

You can effectively combine strength and cardio workouts to derive the most benefits and effects from your body. The usual routine is to do cardio and strength exercises on separate days, but you could actually do it on the same day and simply combine those workouts. The basic idea is to work out as many muscles as you could on a particular day. Doing this would enable your heart as well as your cardiovascular system to work doubly hard and really be challenged. Interweaving the two kinds of workouts would certainly be instrumental in building up your endurance to an increased level. Here’s what you could do: lift weights, follow it up right away with pull ups, after that you could run for about a mile. After doing all of that you could repeat it all over.

Adjust Your Weightlifting Routine and Make it Faster

You could adjust the way that you lift weights and make it more intense – do this by quickening your pace and intensity. We usually lift weights to build up our muscles as well as improve our strength, and when you do it in a more rapid pace it also helps in building up endurance and stamina. Whenever you could get those two – added strength and stamina – in a single workout, that’s certainly great. You could get more by simply increasing the pace of one workout. Another great effect of doing this particular workout is that it actually helps with increased metabolism. This is an improvement from doing only one kind of workout – such as a stamina building workout – which could actually contribute to slowing down a person’s metabolism.

Lesser Recovery Time Equals Better Endurance

You need to realize that if you cut down on your recovery time, the better it would mean for your stamina and endurance. The usual practice is to rest anywhere between 30 and 90 seconds in between sets to give your proper time to recover. However, if you want to get the maximum benefit from your workouts and effectively build your endurance, then you need to cut down on the time that you need for rest. After doing your regular workout sets, you should feel the effects of your actions – which means that your muscles are already straining and you are sweating. What you should do is to continue performing your workout and rest only when you feel that you can no longer go on doing it. You could the following routine: 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 10 pull-ups, 10 crunches. You can perform two or three sets of this workout continuously, and only rest when you can no longer go on physically.

Make Sure That You Change Up Your Workout Constantly

You would want to avoid having a routine with your workouts. If you want to gain any positive effects from your workouts and become stronger and have better endurance and stamina, then you better change or switch up your exercises. A couple of weeks is all the time that it would take for your body to get used to the specific exercises or workouts that you are doing, so you need to change it up a bit. So if you are concentrating on doing cardio workouts, then you have to switch it with something that’s strength related. If you are walking or running all the time, you could alternate it with boxing or a related sport. If you are swimming constantly, then you could perhaps do some weightlifting in the gym. Overusing the muscles is very possible if you actually do the same thing over and over again. And if you shift the things that you do in your workouts, it would keep you interested and excited.

Explosive Action Can Do Wonders

If you incorporate explosive movements to your overall workout program, you will be surprised at how effective it could be in adding to your stamina and endurance. It is not difficult to see how and why adding explosive movements could help you out since it takes plenty of energy to do those explosive movements. It presents you with the kind of challenge that is sure to have a lot of positive effects later on. As you add on the explosive action to your workouts, you would find that you are becoming more explosive yourself and that you’ll be faster and stronger as well. If you want to add this kind of explosiveness to your fitness, you could start by incorporating power push-ups and burpees to your routine.

Compound Movements are the Way to Go

You need to go with compound movements and choose them over isolation workouts. With compound movements, you are going to use more than just a single joint to perform the exercise. This is much better than what isolation exercises could provide as it would not contribute much in the way of improving your endurance and stamina. Some compound moves that you could do are the following – push-ups, squats, pull-ups, and step-ups. An example of an isolated workout that is good for you, but is just not good enough to help you build up your stamina is the bicep curl.

Walk for Stamina

Walking is undoubtedly one of the best workouts that you could perform. It is also one great workout for you to improve and build your stamina. You could do a couple of miles at the start and then you have to do it regularly. If you could do this for about half an hour without getting tired excessively, then you could add to it in order to build up your endurance. If you could already do 10 miles without needing to stop, then you have done a great job at it.

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