Why the Coffee Shop Business is Thriving

In almost every corner you can find a coffee shop. It doesn’t matter what franchise it is, coffee shops are exploding everywhere. In addition, no matter what time you go there, it’s always jam packed with patrons. Some are just lounging with friends, reading a book, or browsing the web. What makes it so popular and a lounging spot for people from all walks of life? We tried to find out why the coffee shop business is thriving (a lot) and here’s what we found starting with some basic facts about coffee.

History of Coffee Shops

Coffee has been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. People have relied on caffeine to wake them up in the morning. Small shops have tried to capitalize on this fact with great success. These shops were set up in urban areas where people could drop by for a cup to go before they head for work. With the busy schedules now, people prefer a warm cup of coffee rather than a hearty breakfast. From this, coffee shops have expanded to other products. They have included snacks to go along with coffee, meals, and even iced coffee for warm weather.

Benefits of Coffee Shops

Coffee shops provide an outlet where people can spend their money, thus keeping the money flowing for the economy. The proliferation of coffee shops almost everywhere has also provided people with jobs. Running a coffee shop requires a lot of manpower from baristas to managers. It also requires a lot in terms of supplies, so suppliers also benefit when a coffee shop opens up. Coffee shops around every corner also provide customers with a lot of options where to get their coffee.

Regarding health, coffee has been linked with preventing type 2 diabetes. Coffee is also rich in antioxidants, making people look and feeling younger. There is a lot of health benefits derived from drinking coffee in moderation.

Reasons People Frequent Coffee Shops

There are a lot of different reasons why people visit coffee shops almost on a daily basis. Here are some of the common ones.


Coffee shops provide places where people can hang out without worrying too much about the cost. They simply need to buy one coffee for them to stay there indefinitely. This makes it an ideal place for students to meet with friends, just talk things “over a cup of coffee”, and even to meet new people.

Business Purposes

Since the ambience of a coffee shop is comfortable and relaxed, many business groups choose to have their meetings in one. Although there are no meeting rooms in coffee shops (it’s rare to have one), just the main area is enough to hold a meeting. This is because meetings done in a coffee shop consist of only a few people – they don’t require a whole room or a coffee shop.

Productivity Reasons

A lot of studies have been conducted why people are more productive regarding work or study in coffee shops compared to their homes. Keep in mind that in coffee shops, there are background noises, the hustle and bustle of people, and even distractions. Some of the things research has found out is:

  • The background noise actually stimulates your brain to work more. You become more creative when the ambient noise is just enough. Too much noise and you can’t focus; too quiet and your brain has trouble to work or become stimulated.
  • Since you’re out of your comfort zone (home or office), there is nothing familiar there and you can focus on new information instead. Imagine if you’re working at home: it can be easy for you to fix yourself a snack, surf the web, or watch TV instead. Before you know it, you don’t have enough time and you are unable to complete your task. In a coffee shop, you have an unconscious mindset to finish your task at hand before you go home.

High Quality Coffee

Coffee shops definitely know their stuff. If you visit a coffee shop, you can expect good quality coffee to be served. They have high quality coffee beans, and the appropriate equipment to produce the best coffee. Of course, you can also brew coffee yourself, however the cost to do so make it an impractical choice.

Coffee shops also provide various types of coffee. They have mixes, variations, and add-ons that you can customize to suit your taste. Again, these options make coffee from coffee shops stand out from those that you brew at home or the instant variety.

Comfortable Environment

One of the pinnacles for coffee shops is to make it as comfortable as possible for customers. This includes buying comfortable couches, tables, relaxing acoustic “coffee shop” music, and also providing an appropriate lighting. This is why no matter the reason for visiting a coffee shop, it’s possible to stay there for hours without feeling tired or uncomfortable.

Various Promotions and Discounts

One effect for the increase in coffee shop number is the increased competition. This means that coffee shops have to entice customers to their store or chain. Others have turned to social media to promote their coffee in the form of contests or promotions. Customers can simply visit their social network profile to avail of special discounts for a limited amount of time. This plays to the strengths of the current times. People are online a lot of times nowadays so it makes sense to use it to their advantage.

Another form of discounts used by coffee shops is to use a point card system. Each time a customer visits their shop and makes a purchase or meets a certain criteria, they are entitled to a single point or stamp on their card. When they reach a certain number of points, they can get free goods or freebies in exchange. These are great ways to encourage the customer to come back frequently.

Misconceptions about Coffee Shops

A lot of people also misunderstand the process of opening a coffee shop. Since there are many coffee shops, people think that it’s easy to open one or that franchising is easy. However, partnerships and licensing is totally different. For example, when people want to open a Starbucks coffee shop, they are only provided the license to sell one. They are not totally partners with the big coffee company. To be considered a partner, they have to provide a decent location and a sizeable capital.

These reasons why coffee shops are thriving is only the tip of the iceberg. Coffee shops continue to pop up everywhere. Some coffee shops are now turning to make it a personal experience and entice customers from various walks of life. In particular, Korean-themed coffee shops appeal to customers by mixing Korean culture and coffee. This is seen as a growing trend as people tend to look at coffee shops as places where they can hang out with friends or just pass the time aside from the coffee served. Whatever the upcoming trends may be, it seems that the coffee shop is here to stay for a long time.